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Elan Rieser

Elan, a native of Washington Heights, has been attending the Washington Heights Congregation for 15 years, brought there by his wife Judy who was sure that he would find Rabbi Bloch's drashot as inspiring as she did.  He did, they stayed, and they are now in the process of raising their four sons in the shul.

Marjorie Munsterberg Gregor
Vice President and Bulletin Editor
Marjorie Munsterberg and her husband Charles Gregor have been members of the Washington Heights Congregation since they moved to the neighborhood in 1986, just before the birth of their first child.  She soon was elected to the Board, and has been on it ever since.  She also has been the editor of the bulletin for many years.  Marjorie received her Ph.D. from Columbia in Art History and taught at City College.  Although no longer is in the classroom, she still is active as a scholar.  She also has become an enthusiastic gardener.

Harry Epstein
Harry has been living in the neighborhood since his days as a student at YU.  A longtime member of the shul, he joined the Board in 1992, and since then has been Recording Secretary, First Vice President, and President, as well as holding his current position as Treasurer.

Morris Whitcup
Financial Secretary
He and his wife Laura, have been Washington Heights residents since 1975 and members of the Congregation for over 30 years.  Since receiving his PhD. from Columbia University, Dr. Whitcup has held senior positions at several market research companies, focusing on pharmaceutical research.  He is a noted expert on over-the-counter medicine label communication and has presented before the FDA and other industry forums.

Bob Wolf
Recording Secretary
While pursuing his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Columbia, Bob met his future wife Tamsin at Old Broadway Synagogue.  In the fall of 1989, about a year after they married, the Wolfs moved to Washington Heights and soon became active members of Washington Heights Congregation.  Bob has been on the Board since 1990 and served for many years as Vice President and bulletin editor.  A passionate reader, Bob maintains his academic interest in Yiddish literature.  He and Tamsin shep nakhes from their teenage twins, Yitzi and Shira.



Shelley Bulman
Shelley Bulman, and her husband, Aaron o"h, joined the Washington Heights Congregation in the fall of 1971, just after its move uptown to West 179th St.  In later years they both became Board Members, and Aaron o"h served as President of the shul from 1995 until his untimely death in 2002.  Their children, Pinny, Meir, Devorah, and Rena grew up in the shul.  Shelley works at the JCC of Washington Heights-Inwood and teaches in the Elementary English Dept. of Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch.


Margot Fein

Adina Gerver
Originally from Brookline, MA, Adina went to Maimonides School, Midreshet Lindenbaum, and Harvard (B.A., history and women's studies), in addition to a number of other yeshivas.  She is currently enrolled at NYU, gettng an MPA in non-profit management and an MA in Judaic Studies.  She began attending the Washington Heights Congregation in 2009, became a member in 2011, and joined the Board in 2012.  She taught a Talmud class at the shul (2010), as well as a four-session course on changing God's mind (2013).  She also spearheaded the successful, multi-congregation used book sale that the shul hosted in 2013 to benefit the local Jewish Community Council.

Sonya Jacobs

Ada Maccabee

Yosef Rabinowitz
Yosef has served on the board since the mid-1990s, including stints as President (2006-2012) and Treasurer (1998-2006).  Since 2007, he has been our Gabbai Rishon and he often leins or leads the davening as well.  Yosef is the founder and Managing Director of TBRC Cost Recovery LLC, a consulting firm that guides businesses and nonprofits in the reduction of their telecommunications costs.


Ira Saiger

Mon, November 12 2018 4 Kislev 5779