Thanks to some intrepid volunteers, we are expanding our daytime offerings this year! In addition to shiurim before and after mincha each day of Shavuot (May 31 and June 1), there will be one shiur after kiddush each morning of Shavuot (times below), as well as some mid-afternoon programming.

Mid-afternoon programming (first day of Shavuot) will include childcare for children ages 4-12.


FIRST DAY OF SHAVUOT - Wednesday, May 31

  11:30 am  --  HaSameach B'Chelko (Satisfaction With One's Portion):                                            Complacency or Ambition?                                                                                                    Daniel Serrulha

Daniel Serrulha will lead a discussion and text study about Ben Zoma's famous statement in Pirkei Avot (4:1): "Who is wealthy? One who is satisfied with their portion." Does this statement challenge you? Does it promote complacency and "settling"? Does it suggest that one with ambition, who wants more than their portion is somehow impoverished? Is it recommending a third path? Come and we'll learn about this idea together!

* 3:30 pm  --  Are Endings Really Better Than Beginnings?                                                                  Dr. Ira Saiger

Join development psychologist Dr. Ira Saiger in investigating Kohelet's claim that "the end of a thing is better than its beginning" ("טוֹב אַחֲרִית דָּבָר מֵרֵאשִׁיתוֹ," Kohelet 7:8). Together, we will explore texts from throughout Jewish tradition to better understand intergenerational relationships, the nature of time, and if there is really such a thing as a beginning or an ending.

* 4:30 pm   --  The Entire Torah in a Soundbyte                                                                                           Adina Gerver

If Torah had to be boiled down into an cable-television-age soundbyte, what would it contain? How would you convey Torah in 140 characters on Twitter? Together, we will learn an aggadic passage from Tractate Makkot and, assisted by Rashi, seek to understand how Chazal understood the essence of Torah. All texts will be provided in the original and in translation; no prior experience required (but it should be fun even if you've spent years in yeshiva).

* Childcare offered for attendees' children, ages 4 - 12 only, during these two shiurim. 

  7:00 pm  --  An All-Dairy Shavuot: Preferred or Prohibited?                                                                Rabbi Yaakov Hoffman 

  8:10 pm  --  R. Yosef Karo's Heavenly "Magid" and the Origins of Tikun Lel                                  Shavuot                                                                                                                                        Dr. David Sclar


  11:45 am  --  Greeting the Shabbat Bride: An Analysis of Lecha Dodi                                               Elan Rieser

Join Elan Rieser in an analysis and discussion of one of Judaism’s most beloved liturgical poems: Lecha Dodi. We will be covering its history and literary structure, as well as the references it contains to other sources.

  7:00 pm  -- Testing the Limits of Learning Torah                                                                                    Rabbi Shmuel Kresch 

  8:10 pm  --   Rabbi Ezra Schwartz

Please join us. We can't wait to learn Torah with you!

Tuesday, May 30 2017 5 Sivan 5777