Hachnasat Sefer Torah

We need your participation in this important mitzvah.


Now that Shavuot and our commemoration of receiving the Torah have passed, it is time to turn to the next important milestone in our shul's long and storied history: the writing and welcoming in of a new sefer Torah into our congregation.

We hope you will be part of this beautiful mitzvah to write such a special Sefer Torah as befits our congregation, to be completed over the coming summer. We are now seeking volunteers to help out with all aspects of this process.


If you are potentially interested in joining one of two committees, please contact the shul and indicate your interest:

Hachnasat Torah Fundraising Committee: to raise funds to complete the sefer Torah.

Hachnasat Torah Event and Education Committee: to organize an  appropriate celebration, scheduled for this coming fall, to welcome the new sefer Torah into our shul. The celebration will, hopefully, be fully inclusive of all ages and stages of life in our community, be widely accessible to all, and include an educational component so that we can all learn more about the halakhot and artistry of safrut, Jewish scribal arts.​


Although our century-old congregation remains vibrant, its ritual items have not all fared as well. The several Torah scrolls we own all show the standard signs of age: fading, cracking ink, and brittle parchment. There came a point that we needed to interrupt the Torah reading on Shabbat virtually every other week due to problems found in the scroll in use.

To demonstrate our renewed commitment the future of our shul, we have commissioned a brand-new Sefer Torah from an expert scribe in Israel. Not only is the script aesthetically beautiful, but the halakhic level of the Sefer will be among the highest in the world. Our new scroll is written on gvil, the leather used in ancient times, which is more durable as well as halakhically preferable to what many sifrei Torah are written on today. Furthermore, the Sefer is written with a new type of ink that employs 21st century technology, guaranteed never to fade or crack, and is completely waterproof, resulting in minimal maintenance efforts and costs.

Fri, July 21 2017 27 Tammuz 5777