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Washington Heights Congregation ("The Bridge Shul")


The Washington Heights Congregation is a diverse, welcoming, and family-friendly Modern Orthodox synagogue. Its diversity is reflected in the range of ages, backgrounds, and occupations of those who attend our services.  Worship is taken seriously with a minimum of talking, while socializing takes place at our weekly cholent or ice cream kiddush and communal Shabbat meals.


       NEW BULLETIN IS OUT!  See below 

                                                                                                                This week's kiddush is sponsored by                          Marjorie & Charlie Gregor in celebration of                                 Noach Gregor's 3rd birthday                                             
      If you would like to sponsor a kiddush or any other event,             please contact Ilse Gruenspecht at the office (212-923-4407)


     Rabbi Hoffman's Sefer HaChinuch shiur                 meets on Sunday morning at 9 AM

Wed, 27 July 2016 21 Tammuz 5776