The Washington Heights Congregation is a diverse, welcoming, and family-friendly Modern Orthodox synagogue. Its diversity is reflected in the range of ages, backgrounds, and occupations of those who attend our services.  Worship is taken seriously with a minimum of talking, while socializing takes place at our weekly cholent or ice cream kiddush and communal Shabbat meals.


This week's kiddush is not yet sponsored        

If you would like to sponsor a kiddush or any other event, please contact the shul office (212-923-4407)


New Sefer Torah

Participate in the mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah.  Don't miss this unique opportunity!  To learn about our kehilla's writing of a new sefer Torah read here.   You can participate by sponsoring a SeferParshahMaftir, special section, verse or letter in the new Sefer Torah. The sponsorship form is found here.

To make payment on-line for your sponsorship, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page (select Other).  Please be sure to indicate what you would like to sponsor. 


Rabbi Hoffman's Sefer HaChinuch shiur meets Sundays at 9 AM in the library.  

The Rabbi's shiur will meet on February 18th.  

Sun, February 18 2018 3 Adar 5778